Asset Portfolio Analytics

Bazilio Cobb Associates is an industry leader in providing advisory and consulting services for loan and real estate portfolios and lending programs from private sector financial institutions and various federal, state, and local governmental agencies.

Our ability to accurately and comprehensively gather and analyze critical information from multiple internal and external sources to support unique transactions and projects is what sets Bazilio Cobb Associates apart.

Engagements ranging from complex individual properties to pools of thousands of performing and non-performing loans of all types, including:

  • Commercial (healthcare, retail, industrial, warehouse, hospitality, etc.)
  • ADC (acquisition, development, and construction)
  • Multifamily
  • Residential
  • SBA’s Preferred Lender Program
  • CDBG and other federal, state, and local agency programs
  • Analyzing and valuing loan and real estate assets
  • Due diligence for loan and asset portfolios sales
  • Financial advisor representation
  • Bid analysis
  • Environmental and facility condition reviews
  • Loan servicing review
  • Site inspections
  • Document imaging
  • Marketing outreach
  • Compliance review
  • Financial audits