International Business

Bazilio Cobb Associates has a multicultural staff representing numerous nationalities and languages. We are experienced and comfortable conducting business in international locations, which often requires understanding and adapting to local business culture and customs. We have served clients in over 25 countries.

Our International Services Practice overlaps with our Assurance and Consulting Practices in that we provide the same services internationally as we do domestically. We often provide these services on behalf of a U.S. government entity or domestic nonprofit with international operations or funding, such as those shown below. We also work with governments in developing countries transitioning to market-based economies.

  • Audit of system controls for the United Republic of Tanzania and the Kingdom of Morocco on behalf of the Millennium Challenge Corporation
  • Organizational and financial restructuring for the Pakistan Railways Corporation
  • Professional services to support USAID’s African Diaspora Marketplace Initiative
  • CFYR Forensic audit of USAID Grants to Uganda
  • Audit of USAID-funded programs in Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Eritrea, and Senegal
  • Forensic accounting of projects in Niger, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Burundi
  • Oversight and Management of US Department of Education’s grants to the government of the US Virgin Islands.
  • Financial advisor for agribusiness development in the Republic of Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Guinea
  • Overhauling call center operations in Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines for an international telecommunications provider
  • Reviewing purchasing and inventory controls in France and Switzerland for the Vaccine Fund
  • Assisting in the establishment of the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority